How It Works

Wealth Creation

Seven Steps to Success


Step 1

IdentiFy & AnalyZe

Our expert team identifies & analyzes trending areas that offer good growth potential.


Step 2


New properties are acquired in areas that have been identified, while fully realized properties are sold to optimize investment potential.


Step 3

Loan Agreement

Investors enter into a prime interest-bearing loan for 30% of the property purchase price while the remaining 70% of the property purchase price is secured by Investicore from banks in the form of a mortgage loan.


Step 4


The investor and Investicore both get 50% shareholding in a newly registered company that purchases the property.


Step 5

Value Engineering

Newly acquired property undergoes value engineering that unlocks untapped potential.


Step 6

Settle Loan

Cashflow generated by the property is used to settle the investor’s loan.


Step 7


Once the investor’s loan is settled, any additional cash flow generated gets classified as dividends and paid to the investor as well as Investicore on a 50/50 basis.


With a collective vision and drive for exceptional property investment and asset management, we have managed to secure superior returns for our investors. This accelerated success is achieved by aligning the interests of Investicore and our investors. When our investors do well, we do well.

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